Sleep through your hot flashes.

Get instant cooling relief with Terra, so you can get uninterrupted sleep. 

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Terra cools your hot flashes 
so you don't have to.

When your Terra Bracelet detects hot flashes, the cooling Pad cools you down automatically so you can sleep through the night, undisturbed.

Terra reduces hot flash wake time by 39%.

Meet Terra


Reduced hot flash intensity


Less time awake from hot flashes


Cooling power

5 sec

Cooling response time

How it works


Predict hot flashes. Sensors on the bracelet track your skin characteristics. Terra, then use state-of-the-art machine learning to predict your hot flashes before they wake you up.


Counteract hot flashes. Within seconds of sensing hot flashes, The Pad cools you automatically within seconds of sensing hot flashes, making them shorter and less disruptive for more restful sleep.

Get your best night of sleep, every night.

Trusted by experts

"Terra is the most innovative solution I've seen to sleep disruption from hot flashes in nearly 20 years of practice."

Dr. Lareesa Ferdinand is a women’s hormone expert, integrative
health advocate, board certified OBGYN, mentor, & author.

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- Leah, 53

- Alisha, 51

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